Diana Evjen Solomon

R.N. L.M.P. C.C.S.T. International Association of Infant Massage Instructor

Infant Massage

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Pediatric Craniosacral Therapy

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  • It was so nice to see Eli respond to Diana in such a positive way. She was able to help him relax enough to almost fall asleep on the table. Before we went to see her Eli was very fussy and sleeping very little during the day. He has since calmed down enough to sleep more during the day. Eli was going two hours between feeding at night before we went to see Diana the second time. After that appointment, I noticed him going a little longer between night time feedings. One night he went five hours! This was wonderful for me, since I had not had more than a two hour stretch of sleep since he was born nine weeks earlier. After the third appointment, he went five hours between feedings the first night and four hours the following night. - Tracy, mother to Eli
  • I just wanted to thank you for the two cranio sacral sessions you did with my daughter, Hazel. While the session was obviously soothing and calming for her, what surprised me was that it was also soothing and calming to me. I left the session feeling more confident as a mother and more connected to my child. Thank you for a wonderful experience. I’ve noticed a pretty big difference in Hazel’s congestion now. It’s really improved.- Stephanie, mother of Hazel
  • We’ve found the CST sessions to be a gentle, noninvasive way to reduce Ollie’s recurrent ear infections, as well as helping with his silent reflux. It’s always such a positive experience seeing Diana, and Ollie is always very relaxed afterwards.- Georgie, mother of Ollie
  • “It was so healing for him to be worked on by your loving and kind hands. Just being in your presence and watching him be worked on was healing for me. You truly have a gift and I’m grateful that you chose this profession. He has benefitted a great deal from the work. Your class (infant massage) was wonderful as well. You are a gifted teacher.- Joy, mother to Lucas
  • After both appointments, Milo was incredibly relaxed and sleepy. This past time, we had the busiest day we’ve had since he was born-running from this place to that place. He was calm the whole day and hardly made a peep. I loved watching work with him. It not only clearly relaxed him, but me as well. Your gentle touch was soothing to both of us and I appreciate your positive words. I left your house both times feeling like a great mom, which is quite an important feeling- so thanks for fostering that. Also, the breastfeeding and latch continue to improve. I noticed the most dramatic improvement after the first session, but it continues to get easier. His latch is stronger, he sticks his tongue out more ( which he wasn’t doing before) and I’m more confident.- Megan, mother to Milo
  • My son Blake was only sleeping 1-3 hours at a time for many months and I took him to see Diana for cranial-sacral therapy. Since our appointment last Friday, Blake has been sleeping 5-8 hours at a time. I really don’t know much about cranial sacral therapy, but Diana was very kind and gentle with Blake. She could work on him while he slept in my arms.- Leslie, mother to Blake
  • Cranial Sacral is like head-to-toe therapy for your little one. Diana has an amazing way with Dylan and it was wonderful to watch them interact. I loved learning new ways to move Dylan’s sweet little body. It felt like therapy for me, too! I second Joy’s comments about you dancing with the babies!- Jill, mother to Dylan
  • During our sessions with Diana, I watched my two-week old son melt. I could see his body learning how to let go. Otis and I were both more relaxed for hours after our appointments. Diana’s expert advice and words of wisdom were invaluable as well.- Krista, mother to Otis
  • “First, I wanted to say that you have such a gentle and welcoming way about that it was so easy to feel calm and relaxed in your presence. You seemed to be so in tune with Lilly’s responses to your touch. You worked with her in a way that could benefit her the most, based on how she was feeling that day.- Liz, mother to Lilly